CONCERT: Buster Sledge (N/USA)


7pm / 19h

From just above the arctic circle in Bodø, Norway to sunny Turlock in Central California, the members of Oslo-based band Buster Sledge – despite growing up with an ocean and many miles between them – share a love for playing a wide array of American music. Their all-original repertoire draws from their diverse backgrounds to blend genres from traditional to modern all while keeping the earnest story-telling of country and bluegrass music alive in the ambitious arrangements of their music.

Michael Barrett Donovan – fiddle/lead vocals
Jakob Folke Ossum – guitar/vocals
Mikael Jonassen – banjo/vocals

Cc: 200kr (via Vipps!)

NB! Begrenset antall gjester mht 1 meters regelen! / Limited seating due to the 1 meter rule!

Doors open: 7pm (kl. 19)

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