Exhibition: DANIELLE DE PICCIOTTO “A Nomad’s Point of View” (art, film & music performance)

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“A Nomad’s Point of View”

The Art and Music of Danielle de Picciotto

mixed media, paintings, video & music

Exhibition dates: 19.-26. October 2019

Vernissage: Saturday 19. October • 14h (2pm)


Exhibition hours:

Saturday 19. • 12-18h (12 Noon – 6pm)

Sunday 20. • 12-17h (12 Noon – 5pm)

Wednesday 23, Thursday 24. & Friday 25. • 16-19h (4pm – 7pm)

Saturday 26. • 12-16h (12 Noon – 4pm)


Finnissage: Saturday 26. October • 19h (7pm)

featuring a live solo concert performance of original music

followed by a special screening of

“Not Junk Yet – The Art of Lary 7”

a film by Danielle de Picciotto, 2015


Danielle de Picciotto was born on the Fort Lewis military base in Tacoma, Washington. In 1987 she moved from NYC to Berlin to become an independent musician / artist and initiated the Berlin Love Parade together with Dr. Motte. Then she initiated “The Ocean Club” together with Gudrun Gut, became singer of the Berlin Cross-over band Space Cowboys, exhibited her art and her films internationally in museums and in 2001 began working together with Alexander Hacke, founding member of Einstürzende Neubauten. In addition, she releases solo albums of her own original music.
Danielle moves in the magical surrealism of a nomad’s life. She has been on the road since 2010, traveling the world non-stop, and her paintings and music speak of the wonderous experiences she has had. Her characters are outlaws and misfits that do not find comfort in the gentrification happening everywhere today. Her current solo album Deliverance (released in May 2019 via the UK label “Louder Than War“) speaks of this state of our world. Despair and hope lie side by side and both her music and visual art reflect their dark shadows and beauty.
Danielle’s compositions are a mixture of spoken word, electronic soundscapes, melancholic violin harmonies and surreal choirs moving from experimental sounds to mystical melodies.
Danielle’s paintings are intricate layers of ink on color depicting burlesque dancers, travelers and mythical creatures. These images are projected by Danielle de Picciotto during her powerful live performances.


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