Danielle de Picciotto “Thank You for the Music”

“Thank You for the Music – Portraits of Musicians”
an exhibition by Danielle de Picciotto
19.-23. October 2022
Vernissage • Wednesday 19.10 • 18h (6pm)

HACKEDEPICCIOTTO – special acoustic “finissage” performance
Sunday 21.10 • 14.30 (2:30pm)

Additional Opening Hours
Thursday 20.10 • 17-19h (5-7pm)
Friday 21.10 • 12-15h (12-3pm)
Saturday 22.10 • 12-17h (12-5pm)
Sunday 23.10 • 12-17h (12-5pm)

Danielle de Picciotto is a true poly-artist – as an exhibiting artist, author, and musician – who has performed with Crime & The City Solution, The Space Cowboys and The Ocean Club / Monica Werkstatt with Gudrun Gut. She co-initiated the Berlin Love Parade in 1989 and has been producing music under the hackedepicciotto moniker with husband Alexander Hacke, founding member of Einstürzende Neubauten, for the last twenty years.

Danielle exhibits her art work world-wide and will be showing a new body of scratch drawings at Schaeffers Gate 5 on October 19th 2022.

“I have worked together with so many wonderful musicians all my life. I started drawing portraits of them whilst recording with Crime & The City Solution in 2014 and then felt an urge to continue during the pandemic whilst being in lockdown. It was a pleasure to look at photos intensely and memorize the features of my friends whilst sketching them. Scratch board is a quite strenuous technique and it seemed appropriate to make this effort which is comparable to rehearsing music for hours. Nothing in life that is good is achieved easily – it always takes hard work. A good musician makes music seem effortless on stage although it requires countless sacrifices. This exhibition is a thank you and homage for this sacrifice which brings so much happiness to our lives.”


Danielle de Picciotto
photo credit: Sylvia Steinhäuser

hackedepicciotto will also be performing their music during this visit to Oslo with a live concert at Kafé Hærverk on Friday, 21. October. Tickets may be purchased in advance here: tikkio.com/tickets/31550-hackedepiciotto-support
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