Exhibition: EMPATHY – In Sympathy with Ukraine

Art Opening / Vernissage • Thursday 17.03 • 18-20

Opening Hours:
Friday 18.03 • 16-19 (4-7pm)
Saturday 19.03 • 12-16 (12 Noon – 4pm)
Sunday 20.03 • 12-16 (12 Noon – 4pm)


A fundraising pop-up exhibition of Norwegian artwork in direct support of the people of Ukraine. Featuring work by artists KG Stave and Linn de Lange, this special event has been arranged with the intent of raising money for the people of Ukraine. 50% of sales will be allocated directly to either a recommended action group or a choice of other established international relief organizations.


KG STAVE is an artist, performer, musician, author and attorney from Kjelsås in Oslo, who has a passion for symbolism in art and a strong focus on empathy. This particular exhibition bears extra impact on her on a personal level, as her primary objective in life is to make a significant, positive difference in the lives of others. Stave is also known for her project “Funky Fridays” which she undertook in 2021, where on her own initiative she would deliver a kind deed each Friday for those deserving of help, no matter how large or small the recipient’s need.


KG STAVE er en kunstner, artist, musiker, forfatter og jurist fra Kjelsås, som har stort fokus på symbolikkunst og empati. Denne utstillingen betyr ekstra mye, da det å gjøre en positiv forskjell i andres liv er hennes primærmål. Stave er også kjent for prosjektet Funky Friday som hun drev i 2021, et konsept der hun hver fredag gjorde noe hyggelig for andre, stort eller smått.

LINN DE LANGE is an Oslo-based artist and journalist originally from Bergen. She works with various artistic media, but mainly with drawing. Through her work, she attempts to present the human condition through subtle means – that which has been forgotten, inaccessible or tangible – from the melancholy to the outright morbid. Exclusion, human nature and sensitivity are recurring themes.
LINN DE LANGE er en kunstner og journalist bosatt i Oslo, opprinnelig fra Bergen. Hun jobber innen ulike kunstneriske uttrykk, primært med tegning. I arbeidet sitt forsøker hun å fortelle noe allmennmenneskelig gjennom det subtile – det som nesten er gjemt, utilgjengelig eller håndterbart – fra det melankolske til det morbide. Utenforskap, menneskesinnet og sensitivitet er temaer som går igjen.

Norwegian Artists Help Ukrainian Refugees

“We cannot just lie down in the fetal position, even though it may feel tempting.”

Artists Linn de Lange and KG Stave had never met before last week. Now they have teamed up with gallery owner Mark Steiner for an art exhibition where 50 percent of sales are to be donated to a relief effort supporting Ukrainian refugees.

Art Against War

KG Stave is the initiator of the sales exhibition. Making a positive difference in the lives of others is something she lives for. “I was just as frustrated as most others about this terrible war and all the people who are affected by it. Then I contacted Mark and suggested that perhaps we could set up an exhibition to raise money for refugees from Ukraine. Without hestitation, he replied yes to this proposal, and suddenly were sitting there, making abrupt plans for an exhibition, but which feels like we have no choice but to carry out.”

The two wanted to bring another artist, and got Linn de Lange, who had been feeling the same need to do something significant in assisting the Ukraine crisis. “It is important to us that this is not something we do for our own gain, but to raise as much as possible to help those who now need it. This exhibition that has been arranged in a very short time, and now we hope that others will want to contribute by buying art they themselves can enjoy for a long time ahead,” says de Lange, and adds, “It’s nice to be able to do something, albeit a drop in the ocean. We cannot just lie down in the fetal position, even though it may feel tempting.”

Having experienced previous trauma himself, gallery owner Mark Steiner, perhaps best known as a musician and recording artist, made a quick observation that many creative people have a great need to express themselves during these dark times. Given the current situation in Ukraine, he immediately agreed to open the doors of his gallery with respect to this crisis.

“Having experienced personal trauma during 9/11 in New York, I have strong empathy for the Ukrainian people. That their world has been so suddenly and completely turned upside down, that one experiences constant fear, that one has no choice but to flee… This all requires considerable understanding and compassion. We must all try our best to contribute now, each in our own way, and the three of us have chosen to stand together now to help as best we can, he says.

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