Group Exhibition: “DIRRRTY PRETTY”


Group exhibition in celebration and recognition of
International Women’s Day 2022

Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir
Erna Einarsdóttir
Hildur Hermannsdóttir
Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir

10.-13 March 2020

Vernissage • Thursday 10.3 • 18-20h

Additional Opening Hours
Friday 11.3 • 12-18h
Saturday 12.3 •12-18h
Sunday 13.3 • 12-18h

Have you ever been called bossy? A slut? A tease? Women still seem to exist only for the male gaze. Literally our lives are double standards. If we’re not sexually active, we are prudes or teases. If we are, then we’re sluts. Women who are ambitious or in a position of power are labeled “bossy” or “aggressive.” Women still seem to exist only for the male gaze.

DIRRRTY PRETTY is a pop-up group exhibition showcasing art produced by four Icelandic women, arranged in honour of International Women’s Day. In this exhibition they explore those lines they are not meant to cross, to avoid being labelled by society.

One in three women experience sexual violence, yet at the same time how many men are there who commit acts of violence? Why is it that the narrative always seems to be directed at women, and, all too often, what are the results?

Women should be able to wear, say and do whatever makes them feel good and empowered. How can it be that these rights are still considered political acts against the patriarchy? How can it be that women are still being placed into the “Madonna-Whore” category? Can’t we just allow women to exist without being apologetic for their very existence?

The Artists

Berglind Rögnvaldsdóttir is a contemporary artist who works mainly within photography. In 2018 Berglind graduated Bilder Nordic School of Photography with a degree in photography and storytelling. Berglind’s work is characterised by a feminine, sometimes dreamlike feel, usually informed by the approach of the female gaze. Being a native Icelander she has a strong attachment and deeply rooted respect for nature, working directly with Mother Earth as a way to confront gender and sexuality politics, where it serves as a metaphor to the idea of what is natural.

Erna Einarsdóttir is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Norway. She graduated from The Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2009. Erna has been doing mainly performance art, and she often mixes different art forms together, from painting to video and experimentation with sound. With an avid interest in people and human behaviour her works reflect her perspective on the world and what she thinks is worth looking at. Through her art, Erna’s main objective is to encourage the viewer to think.

Hildur Hermannsdóttir is a multi media artist currently residing in Oslo, Norway. She graduated from The Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2010 with a BA in graphic design. Her graduation project “Veikindi” made international headlines. In 2018 she graduated from Høyskolen Kristiania where she studied illustration. There she won the prestigious Gullspiren award for being the best within her field. Struggling with mental illness, alcoholism and depression, Hildur has on hand knowledge regarding these issues. She explores the emotional depth that comes with these experiences through her art in an absurd and ridiculous manner. “We need to look horror straight in the face and laugh at it.”

Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir is an Icelandic visual artist and musician who recently completed her M.A. degree from the Trondheim Academy of Art. Her work explores our relationship with technology and the utopian and dystopian manifestations of our digital present. She investigates the divide between our virtual lives and physical bodies, and how global networks influence our identities, societies and collective perception of reality. Unnur Andrea works mainly with video, performance and installation art, often seeking to create an immersive and encompassing experience for the viewer. As a singer and music producer, the sonic elements remain an important and central factor in most of her work.

Welcome to the exhibition!

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