International Group Exhibition “One Thing to Remember”

14.-18. SEPTEMBER, 2022

“One Thing to Remember”
photo courtesy of Fran Beallor

Vernissage: 14 September • 18:00 (6pm)

Wednesday & Thursday • 16-19h (4-7pm)
Friday (Oslo Kulturnatt) • 16-22h (4-7pm)
Saturday-Sunday • 12-16h (12 Noon -4pm)

This group of 35 amazing artists from 11 countries share their interesting
stories of a special moment in a memory.

Curator, Karmela Berg

“We live mostly in the present. At the same time we think and plan our future. From time to time, once in a while, we look to the past. This group of amazing artists is sharing their moments (episodes) with One Thing to Remember. They are inviting us to take part in those tiny blocks of memories which reveal and construct their personalities.”
– Karmela Berg, curator

Canada: Yael Brotman, Amelie Laurence Fort, France McNeil.
Denmark: Hans Tyrrestrup.
Finland: Pirjo Dufva, Pirjo Heino, Pirjo Keskinen-Vento, Pirjo Partanen, Katri Stenberg.
France: Ralph Brancaccio.
Germany: Simone Ramshorn, Karola Teschler.
Holland: Leny van Elk, Rido Jansen, Arjan Moscoviter, Aldrik Salverda.
Ireland: Tommy Barr.
Israel: Moshe Amar, Karmela Berg, Aliza Gilboa, Shahar Marcus.
Spain: Gerardo Fontane.
Sweden: Anneli Nilsson.
Boston, MA: Kim Alemian, Susan Denniston, Judy Motzkin, Mary Sherman.
New York City, NY: Beth Barry, Fran Beallor, Irene Christensen, Kim Sillen, Shira Toren, Suki Valentine.
Baltimore, MD: Miriam Evers.
Phoenix AZ: Val Sparks

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