International Group Exhibition: The World We Made

The World We Made

Verden vi skapte

International Group Exhibition

Internasjonal gruppeutstilling

3.-14. May 2023

Art Opening • Vernissage
Wednesday • onsdag • 3. May 2023

“This international group exhibition is focused on the global climate crisis, on overconsumption, on littering – resulting in a world we and previous generations all created without considering the consequences for future generations…”

Irene Christensen (USA/Norway)
Grete Marstein (Norway)
Vebjørg Hagene Thoe (Norway)

Hildur Hermannsdóttir (Iceland/Norway)
Linn de Lange (Norway)

Vernita Nemec (USA)
Ted Sonnenschein (USA/Germany)
Aleksandra Stasiak

curated by Irene Christensen, Grete Marstein & Mark Steiner

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