Irene Christensen “Voices of Earth”


solo exhibition
15. – 18. June 2022
paintings & drawings

Vernissage • Wednesday 15. May
18-20 (6-8pm)

Opening hours:
Thursday 16. June • 15-19h (3-7pm)
Friday 17. June • 15-19h (3-7pm)
Saturday 18. June • 12-16h (12 Noon – 4pm)
or by appointment

The artist will be present during the entire exhibition.

“During the last 2 years I have been painting mostly oil on small canvasses. My studio is in Long Island City Art Center in New York City with large windows facing south. Since the world as we knew it was falling apart, I started to work on several paintings every day, letting the images grow intuitively. They deal with our relationship to nature and the world we live in. Listen to your surroundings which produces its own music.” – Irene Christensen

As part of celebrating the opening of artist Irene Christensen’s exhibition of her latest work, “Voices of Earth,” we are very pleased to announce that Australian musician J.P. Shilo will make a special live performance during Wednesday’s art opening at 6pm (18h). Please be sure to attend!

Film clip by L.J.Spruyt Photography

“Queen of the Woods”
oil on canvas • 20×16″
“Our Home”
acrylic on paper • 30×22″
“Karmic Soulmate”
acrylic on handmade paper • 20.5×29.5″
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