Schaeffers Gate 5: Map & History



Tram 11, 12 or 18 to Schous Plass

The gallery is on a side street adjacent to Toftes gate,
between Schous Plass and Sofienberg Park


Street parking is legal at all hours on the South side of Schæffers gate
but only with a registered residential neighborhood parking permit (Sone D)
Parking can be paid at a municipal parking meter (at Toftes gate near Grüners gate)
or using the recommended Bil i Oslo app


Schaeffers Gate 5 was first established as an art space during Oslo Open in September 2011.

Schaeffers Gate, literally meaning “Schaeffer’s Street,” was originally (and coincidentally) named after Henrik Ernst Schäffer (1794-1865), a Norwegian teacher and customs official who established a grant to support youth who wanted to become artists, “where the interest should be distributed to young people, who have the desire and talent in the Arts (painting, sculpture and poetry) but who lack the financial means to begin and continue their studies.”

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