Group Exhibition: “DUAL WORLD”

Group Exhibition: “DUAL WORLD”
Olga Kryzhanovska, Svitlana Danylchenko (Ukraine)
& Natalia Elverum (Norway/Russia)
mixed media
music by Nicola Occhipinti (Italy)

8.-12. February 2023

Vernissage • Weds 8. February • 18-20h

Opening Hours
Thur & Fri • 15-19h
Sat & Sun • 12-17h
or by appointment (+47) 452 18 078

In “Dual World,” three multi-media artists meet in Oslo and create an exciting exhibition based on contrasting themes. Olga Kryzhanovska and Svetlana Danylchenko are accomplished sand art animators from Ukraine who recently migrated to Norway where Olga first met artist Natalia Elverum, an Oslo-based costume designer who happens to have strong ties with her Russian background.

Together, these three visual artists have decided to collaborate through various mediums to produce an exciting exhibition with a focus on global duality: the natural vs the urban, organic vs. industrial, order vs. chaos, etc.

And yet they all manage to meet here, to explore this multi-layered duality and perhaps reveal something new.

“Dual” teaser video made by Olga Kryzhanovska and Svetlana Danylchenko
“Dual World” promo video made by Natalia Elverum

Olga Kryzhanovska, born in 1981, is a Ukrainian artist and psychologist. A graduate of the state art school, she took private painting lessons and also received a higher education in the field of psychology and pedagogy. In 2006 she was trained in the direction of “Author’s Art Doll and Sculpture“. She has taken part in exhibitions and shown her work in galleries. She has also conducted research in the field of art therapy. Olga has been working in the technique of sand art since 2012.

Svitlana Danylchenko, born in Ukraine in 1970, graduated from an academic art school, after which she studied at a workshop by S. Rybnitsky‘s in the study of painting and graphics. She graduated from the Kyiv University of Technology & Design with a degree in Fashion Design. She participated in fashion competitions, where her collections were Grand Prix laureates, and was she awarded a Paco Rabanne diploma. Svitlana has been working in the technique of sand art since 2010.

Since 2014, as an artistic duo, Olga and Svitlana have created sand animation for the Golden Lion Sand Animation Theater in Kyiv which still operates to this day. Through their collaborative work, 7 fairy tales, 2 educational programs, and more than 10 programs with an orchestra have been created. The theater has taken part in various television projects, along with cultural and volunteer projects.

Natalia Elverum is educated as a costume designer at KHiO (2014 – 2015) and studied scenography and costume design at Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT) from 2015-2020. As a costume designer, Natalia has worked at the Norwegian National Theater with “Vi hjemløse” (“We Homeless“) by Kathrine Nedrejord in 2019 and with Kari Gravklevs scenography of “Tartuffe(Norwegian National Theater, 2001) as well as Shostakovich‘s opera “Nose.” Natalia was also costume designer for the Russian film “Demon of Revolution” in 2017, the opera “The Snow Maiden” directed by MXAT and at Box With Candy at the Bulgakov Theater in Moscow. In 2016, Natalia received an award in the “Golden Line” costume design competition in Moscow for her costume work for William Shakespeare‘s “Coriolanus“. The costumes were exhibited at FineArt, Oslo in 2017. As an artist, Natalia likes to address global themes and in 2020 she organized the exhibition Olympic Artat the Skullerud Center. You can also find Natalia’s art at Pilestredet 27 in the mini gallery XIROOM, as well as at the nightclub Storgata 26.

Music composed & performed by Nicola Occhipinti (Italy)

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