Pop-up Photography Exhibition “Sho(r)t Stories” by Sarah Lichtmannegger

“Sho(r)t Stories”
photographs by Sarah Lichtmannegger



“A project born by chance, Sho(r)t Stories is a combination of various photographic images taken over a the course of year in between Belgium, Italy and Austria. These shots are short stories in that they are moments which I came across, some quickly and absent-mindedly, others more serendipitously through looks, faces and scenarios, all of which presented a fleeting, yet great narrative force. These stories are small notes on my journey, our journey, synthetic and temporary recordings, bearers of actions, emotions, crafts, and travels with origins both past and present.


In short, Sho(r)t Stories is about people – a term that expresses the singularity of each individual and at the same time what they each share with one another. The common thread of these small narratives is a tribute to the beauty of small moments – situations that, however temporary, paradoxically manage to be incredibly reassuring; familiar because they are universal. It is that particular sense of security that we find in the image of a playing child, in the availability of a fruit vendor, in the smile of a bartender, in the meticulousness of a tailor, in the elegance of a Viennese gallery, and in the rustic homestead in the form of a camper.

PHOTO-2019-04-23-22-30-15 2

All of these images were taken with a mobile phone, simply because they were the result of unexpected encounters and improvised passages.”

– Sarah Lichtmannegger (Rome, Italy – June 2019)

SARAH LICHTMANNEGGER Metropolitana C Roma 26 Maggio 2019

Sarah Lichtmannegger was born and raised in Belgium to an Italian mother and an Austrian father. She speaks several European languages, and has even studied Russian and some Arabic. Sarah has a solid yet varied background in both language and communication, along with a Masters degree from “La Sapienza” at the University of Rome. She has lived in various countries in Europe, traveled extensively, and currently lives and works in Rome.

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